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Whilst the information provided on any of the National Aviation Heritage Invitational Websites is given in good faith by National Aviation Heritage Invitational, no warranty or representation is given concerning the accuracy or completeness of such information, which must not be taken as establishing any contractual or other commitment binding upon National Aviation Heritage Invitational or any of its subsidiary or associated companies. Furthermore the information contained on this Web Site may be changed or updated without notice.

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The National Aviation Heritage Invitational's Website will only collect personal information which you knowingly and voluntarily provide by, for example, sending emails, completing application forms, or responding to surveys. If you provide us with personal information, we will normally respond to your inquiry or request. We may also contact you to provide information about National Aviation Heritage Invitational activities, programs, membership and development opportunities, products and special events that may interest you. We will never share your name or information outside the National Aviation Heritage Invitational unless you affirmatively authorize us to do so by opting-in.

When we send you such information by email, you will always have an immediate opportunity to decline further communication. Please use the contact specified in the email so that we can remove you from the list that contains your name.

There may be sites within the National Aviation Heritage Invitational's network of Websites where you can opt-in to receive information from non-National Aviation Heritage Invitational entities. If you opt-in, you may receive correspondence from these organizations on programs, products or services that might interest you. If you decide to opt-out of receiving any further correspondence from a non-National Aviation Heritage Invitational entity, please correspond directly with that business or organization to be removed from their mailing list. Neither the National Aviation Heritage Invitational nor any of its subsidiary or associated companies assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever (including any actual, direct, consequential, incidental, special or punitive damages, including without limitation any loss of profits, business interruption, loss of programs or other data, or otherwise) to any visitor to any of National Aviation Heritage Invitational Websites, either directly or indirectly, arising from or related to:

  1. Any reliance that is placed on any of the information contained on any of the National Aviation Heritage Invitational Websites;
  2. Visiting any websites which you may access through this site that are not part of the National Aviation Heritage Invitational Websites;
  3. Any other use of the National Aviation Heritage Invitational Websites.
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