In order to submit an application for consideration by the NAHI judges, you will be required to provide the following information:

Personal Information
  1. Individual Name: Museum: Group:
  2. Address
  3. City, State, Zip Code
  4. Telephone Numbers, Primary and Alternate
  5. Cell Phone Number
  6. E-mail Address
  7. How you heard about the NAHI competition
  8. Main Contact Person information:
    • May the media contact you about your airplane?
    • Is the best media contact method by phone or e-mail?
    • Phone number or e-mail address for media to use:
    • Best time for media to contact you: morning afternoon evening any time
Aircraft Information
  1. Category of Competition (Antique, Classic, Contemporary, Military, Large Aircraft - minimun 45' wingspan)
  2. Make and Model
  3. Year of Manufacture and Manufacturer's Serial Number
  4. Registration Number
  5. Engine Make and Model
  6. Propeller Make and Model
  7. The Aircraft Restoration Facility, or self restored, or in original configuration
  8. Provide a brief description of features that contributed to authenticity of the aircraft
  9. Provide a brief history of the aircraft noting any historically significant uses or owners.
  10. Provide a short list of awards the aircraft has won in its present configuration.
Aircraft Photos

A minimum of four digital format photos must be submitted with the application. Three photos are to be taken of the aircraft exterior showing the aircraft front, front-right or front-left, and the side. At least one photo should show the aircraft interior and/or cockpit area, including the instrument panel.

The photos must provide sufficient detail for the NAHI judges to make their determination of the aircraft judging eligibility. Photo resolution should be at least 800x600 pixels, and in the .JPG format. Please try to limit file sizes to less than 1 MB to avoid upload problems with our server.

A good "free" online image file size converter can be located at the Image File Size Converter link below.

Image File Size Converter

After resizing, locate on your computer the photos which you will be submitting. On the photo submission page, you will be asked to Browse for the picture files in order to upload them with the application.

Please contact June Powers (cjpowers7005@yahoo.com or 503 851-4337) if you have trouble uploading your photos.

Please gather the above information before beginning your application submission. When you proceed to the next page of this process, an application will be generated and submitted even if you do not step through to the last page.

Applications submitted with incomplete information or without photos will not be considered by the judges. A NAHI representative will attempt to contact the aircraft owner to correct the deficiencies, however it is the applicant's responsibility to provide clear, accurate information and suitable photos.

If you have any questions or require assistance with your application submission, please send an email to June Powers.

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