NAHI Winners 2017
September 19, 2017: California Capital Airshow

September 10, 2017
National Aviation Heritage Invitational Announces 2017 Awards to Restored Aircraft
Recipient of the Neil A. Armstrong Aviation Heritage Trophy

National Aviation Hall of Fame Enshrinees joined presenting sponsor Perform Air International in awarding the Grand Champion Neil A. Armstrong National Aviation Heritage Trophy to the:

1954 Grumman Albatross-Joe Duke, Ponte Vedra, Florida.

Winners in other categories:
CLASSIC: Paul E. Garber trophy: 1944 Beechcraft D17S-Historic
Flight Foundation, Mukilteo, WA
MILITARY: Henry 'Hap' Arnold trophy: 1942 Fairchild M-62A-Larry
Nelson and Todd Walker, Napa, CA
LARGE: Herb Kelleher trophy: 1944 Douglas DC-3-Historic
Flight Foundation, Mukilteo, WA.

National Aviation Hall of Fame 'People's Choice': Air and Space Smithsonian:
1944 Douglas DC-3 Historic Flight Foundation
Assisting in the trophy presentations to the winning owners were National Aviation Hall of Fame Enshrinees Dick Rutan, and Robert 'Hoot' Gibson joined by Christina Olds, Nelson Blankenship and Robert Arnold.
The Heritage celebrates aviation treasures.
The National Aviation Heritage Invitational encourages preservation of aviation history through the restoration of aircraft to original flying condition. The Invitational was founded in 1998. A five-member panel, including representatives of the National Air and Space Museum, judges each aircraft on its technical merit and how well it represents the aircraft early in its career. Authenticity to the original manufacturer's condition is the "gold standard" for each plane.
Presenting Sponsor, Perform Air International is joined by FedEx, Van De Pol Petroleum, Sacramento Jet Center, Southwest Airlines and Air & Space Smithsonian Magazine in their dedication to the preservation of aviation history as our 2017 trophy sponsors. We are thankful to our supporters, California Capital Airshow, LiveAirShowTV, Airmail Greetings, Reel Stuff Aviation Resources, ADC Group, The Perich Group, Cassel's Awards, Super 98 and NAHI volunteers. Founding Organizations: Rolls-Royce, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the National Aviation Hall of Fame and the Reno Air Racing Foundation.
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